About Us

     We are a component society of the Michigan Dental Association which, in turn, is a constituent dental association of the American Dental Association. As the local component of this tri-partite, we deal with local issues and events for our members and the public. We provide continuing education for our members (60 hours of continuing education every three years is required by law for a dentist to maintain their license to practice dentistry) as well as serving as a resource/referral service for the citizens of Macomb County.
     We maintain a rather extensive data base of our members that goes well beyond just names and addresses. We keep track of which members speak a foreign language, who uses IV sedation and/or general anesthesia, who is equipped to handle physically and mentally handicapped patients in their office, and much more. We are easy to contact; just phone us at (586) 306-3886  or email us at macdent@macombdental.org with your questions or your requests and we will do all in our power to take care of you.